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What if my house has…ASBESTOS!?

For the record, I am not an asbestos abatement contractor, nor am I an expert in all things asbestos. I would encourage you to research your local and state regulations regarding asbestos removal and disposal, because rules vary greatly by … Continue reading

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Demolition and Lead Paint – Should I be concerned?

Should you be concerned about working in old houses that have lead based paint? Absolutely! Should the presence of lead based paint make you shy away from old houses? Absolutely NOT! Approximately 50% of the houses built prior to 1978 … Continue reading

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Demolition – Give Me a Sledge Hammer!

One area where you can save a bundle of money is by doing your own demolition.  And who doesn’t like to tear things apart?  We have definitely done our share of demo.  As a matter of fact, when we bought … Continue reading

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