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Tiny House For Sale!

After I completed the shell of my Tiny House, I sold it to my son to finish out. He has decided that due to some changes in his future plans, he would like to sell it instead of living in … Continue reading

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It All Started with a Stopped Up Toilet

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Affordable Housing Options

The tiny house that I’m building is a viable housing choice for some, but is not an option for everyone. However, it does show what can be done if you rid yourself from much of your “stuff.” Simplifying is the … Continue reading

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Tiny House Underway!

I was able to pick up the trailer for my tiny house on Tuesday, and made some (slow) progress last week. Modifications had to be made to the subfloor since the wheels were in a slightly different location than the … Continue reading

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How Much House Do I Really NEED?

In a world where the mantra is “Bigger is Better,” it’s a good idea to evaluate how much house you really need. When you begin designing your “House On A Dime,” there are several things to consider. All other things … Continue reading

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Excavation – It’s not just for Archaeologists!

When you hear the term Excavation, your mind might be drawn to scenes of Indiana Jones, King Tut’s tomb, or dinosaurs. But when you’re dealing with construction, it has to do primarily with your Site Preparation, and for simplicity’s sake, … Continue reading

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What if my house has…ASBESTOS!?

For the record, I am not an asbestos abatement contractor, nor am I an expert in all things asbestos. I would encourage you to research your local and state regulations regarding asbestos removal and disposal, because rules vary greatly by … Continue reading

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Demolition and Lead Paint – Should I be concerned?

Should you be concerned about working in old houses that have lead based paint? Absolutely! Should the presence of lead based paint make you shy away from old houses? Absolutely NOT! Approximately 50% of the houses built prior to 1978 … Continue reading

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Demolition – Give Me a Sledge Hammer!

One area where you can save a bundle of money is by doing your own demolition.  And who doesn’t like to tear things apart?  We have definitely done our share of demo.  As a matter of fact, when we bought … Continue reading

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One Room – Lots of Savings!

I’m still away on military duty, so I can’t really post any step-by-step how-to details, but I thought I would post one of our finished projects. This is a picture of our Master Bedroom.  There are several money savers here: … Continue reading

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