Affordable Housing Options

The tiny house that I’m building is a viable housing choice for some, but is not an option for everyone. However, it does show what can be done if you rid yourself from much of your “stuff.” Simplifying is the first step in achieving a happier and more fulfilling life. Simplifying your life can free you up to make a difference in the lives of others.

Tiny houses aren’t the only answer to simplifying your life. And yet, simplifying your “housing” in some way can play a big part in achieving a simpler lifestyle. That’s because housing tends to dominate our budgets and our time. Not just the monthly payment, but also insurance, property taxes, homeowner’s association dues, utilities, maintenance, landscaping – the list goes on and on. Many young people don’t know how they’ll be able to move out on their own, especially with the economy in such a slump. So what are your options other than a 30 year mortgage payment?



If you haven’t decided where you want to set down roots, renting is definitely an option. BUT, be sure and look at it from every angle. Could you trade repair work for rent?  Not only will you save money, but you’ll be building your skills for the day when you actually have a place of your own.

Rent to Own

If you don’t have any money to put down, you might still be able to find a Rent to Own property. The owner is protected, and your rent isn’t going down the drain.

Build Small

While you may not want to live in a tiny house on a trailer, you’d be amazed how much house you can fit in a small space. Take stock of what’s really important and decide how much house you really need. Of course, small is a relative term. For a family of twelve, small won’t look the same as it will for a single college student.

Buy a Fixer-Upper

A drive through any town will reveal many fixer-uppers, or handyman specials. You need to consider your skills, time, and finances to determine if this will work for you, but BE CREATIVE! Just because you’ve never done a particular job before doesn’t mean that you couldn’t learn it.  We learned most of what we know about building by working on our house.

Have a House Moved In

We have several house movers in our area, and its fun just to drive by their lots to see what is available.  However, be sure and let them know you’re looking, because they don’t move most of their houses until they have a buyer. You should be able to get a list of houses so that you can drive by and take a look.

Metal Building

You can have a Metal Building built to provide you with a “shell” very economically. A quick look through your local “Thrifty Nickel” or similar sale paper will reveal NUMBEROUS options.  Once the shell is built, you can finish out the inside as you please.  Metal buildings are becoming more attractive all the time, and you can do a lot to spruce up the appearance: rock the front, install cedar board and bat on the front, etc.

Be a Property Caretaker

Live in and care for someone else’s home! It’s more common than you might think. Many people have second homes or otherwise vacant properties that still need hands-on care. Check out The Caretaker’s Gazette for more info!

The options are only limited by your imagination! Watch for a blog post very soon on how I can help with your housing needs!
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