How Much House Do I Really NEED?

In a world where the mantra is “Bigger is Better,” it’s a good idea to evaluate how much house you really need. When you begin designing your “House On A Dime,” there are several things to consider. All other things being equal, the bigger the house:

  • The more your materials will cost.
  • The more your utilities will be.
  • The more dusting that you will have to do!
  • The more STUFF you’ll end up filling it with.

Start out by asking yourself the question, “Why do I want a house?”

  • To provide shelter?
  • To have space to entertain guests or show hospitality?
  • To show how rich I am?

Think about what you need, and why you need it?

  • Do you really need a 20′ x 20′ walk-in closet? (If so, is it possible that you have too many clothes?)
  • Does your bathroom really need to be the size of a Japanese bath house?
  • What is your bedroom for? Sleeping or cozy retreat?
  • What about your kitchen? Do you actually cook? If so, is your kitchen the focal point of your house?
  • When you entertain, is it inside or outside? Maybe a nice deck would be better than a huge living room.

These are some of the questions to ask BEFORE building! Don’t overbuild…don’t under build. Think through the process. Sometimes, less is actually better.

A GREAT place to look for ideas on how to build efficiently is the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Jay Shafer and his crew are loaded with ideas on how to make the most out of a small space! Browse the website, or even buy one of his books! (I have them both, by the way, and yes, I get a small referral fee if you buy something). While you may not want to live in less than 100 square feet, your eyes will be opened up to the possibilities! Also, check out Sheldon Designs for some great, efficient ideas and plans!

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