Save money and have fun!

This blog is about building or remodeling your house, saving money, and having fun!  When we bought our house and 3 acres for $6,000.00, we didn’t have a lot of construction skills.  But, through a lot of reading, trial and error, and time, we turned it into a beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 bath home that always received comments from our family and friends.  We sold the house 2 years ago for $146,000.00…not a bad return on our investment.  We recently bought another house, and will be blogging about our experiences right here!  Feel free to comment, and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty on your first project!

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  1. toobigtonotice says:


    I want this venture to succeed. This blog is more about encouraging good character and relationships and ministry than about merely saving dollars on housing. When people see how much money they can save over the years, and how every dollar saved on housing is really more time they will have for more important things, I think they will want to “tune in” to your blog often. Also, even though the path you will be marking for others will itself take time and involve significant mental and physical work, you’re “family friendly” outlook, I believe, will help others understand how this, too, can build a beautiful family. I’ve had the privilege of knowing each member of your family, and though none of them are perfect, it is plain to see that they have good character and love God. You’ve “paid your dues,” now you can speak with a fair degree of authority about a subject that is needed by many. I’m glad to see you doing this!

    Duane Parker (TooBigToNotice)

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