One Room – Lots of Savings!

I’m still away on military duty, so I can’t really post any step-by-step how-to details, but I thought I would post one of our finished projects.

This is a picture of our Master Bedroom.  There are several money savers here:

  • The flooring is beautiful 2×6 heart pine flooring that we bought from someone who had torn down an old warehouse…and we only paid $2.50 per 16′ board!
  • The ceiling is made of 1×6 boards that we purchased at auction…for 25 CENTS per 16′ board.
  • The ceiling trim is made from the same 1×6 boards with a decorative pattern applied with a cake decorator tip and sheetrock mud!
  • The ceiling medallion is made from an old ornate wall clock!

Here are a couple of close ups…

BTW, the room changed colors many times…paint is cheap! Maybe Elizabeth can chime in on some of the savings on the furnishings in the room…

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3 Responses to One Room – Lots of Savings!

  1. toobigtonotice says:

    That’s pretty! It looks like a “house on a dollar!” I also looks like some really nice bedrooms in some bed and breakfasts I’ve seen. People spend a lot of money to get away to something like that! I imagine living with these kind of surroundings must have melted away the tensions at the end of a hard day.

    Elizabeth, er… I mean … Didiba, the cake decorator idea for the ornate ceiling trim was a very creative stroke, and came out beautifully. What also comes through is that you and your husband worked closely on this house together, which is a work of art in itself. I hope a lot of people will join in this blog over the next few months, because I think the things you two have to share can help us live more cheaply, without sacrificing quality.

  2. Mavis and Harriet says:

    Loved this room, I am amazed even today when I see it again at all the creativity that went into this! I have never thought about doing that with an ornate frame!!!
    Didiba can do wonders with mud and a pastry bag :)

  3. didiba says:

    This was one of my favorite projects…the walls took a lot of time and I think my arms felt like they were going to fall off when I finished! (And I think that our oldest daughter helped with the painting…which was a blessing!) Not only did the construction aspect of the room fall under House on a Dime building, but the decorating did too. Everything in this room came from a garage sale or Goodwill (my two favorite places to shop in the entire world…I’ll take these shopping venues over retail ANY day!) The trim was organized by Tim…we came up with the patter together, then he laid out all of the boards in the order that they would go up in the room, so that the pattern would be continuous around the room, meeting correctly in all of the corners. After it was drawn on the wood, I just outlined the pattern, let it dry, then painted and faux finished it. The reason I opted for a faux finish is so that the paint would settle in to all of the grooves and crevices, making the pattern stand out more.. Anyone can do this…I just looked at cake decorating books at simple designs and found one that I thought looked architectural enough for what I wanted.

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